The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that I've recently added a new category to the main site, named "Blind Bags". This is to be a regular feature/blog where I will be opening up various (possibly mainly LEGO) blind packaged toys (in other words you can't see what's in it before you buy it, you know the type), and I'll let you know what I think of the toys in them. There are some very strange blind bags and boxes out there and I'd like to share with you some of the stranger ones as well as some cool LEGO minifigures.

I hope you'll all enjoy the new feature and of course please let me know what you think! The first blind bag opening will be within the next few days (I know, starting a new piece of content so close to Christmas, crazy)!
Just a quick update since I've missed my own deadline for getting back to working on the main site/blogs.

I've got a couple of things lined up for review on the main site, but whether I'll get to them this week is another matter. It's still chaos at the new flat and I need to get that sorted, on top of which I'm sick so I don't really feel up to drinking beers for review purposes. I'll probably get started again this Sunday at the latest with Cool Thing of the Week and I've got a review of a lucky bag in progress that I'll try to get posted up on Friday.

Thanks for your patience, regular updates will resume shortly!
There aren't going to be any site updates this week unfortunately, I'm moving house this weekend and my computer will be packed away for the move! Normal updates will resume on the 24th of November. See you all then!
Today, I decided, after watching other people do this on youtube and deciding it looked like a lot of fun, to begin my very own Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge. What is the Nuzlocke Challenge you ask? There are two basic rules:

1) You may catch the first Pokemon you see when you enter a new area. If it's not a Pokemon you like then tough, that's kind of the point. Also, if you cause this Pokemon to faint and are unable to catch it, there's no second chances, move on and try again in the next new area you come to.

2) If any Pokemon faints in battle, it is considered dead and must be removed from the party forever. Most people will generally release these Pokemon back into the wild to symbolise their demise, but some people will store them in the PC box as a kind of memorial to those that have passed on during the journey.

While not a rule exactly, it goes without saying there should be no save-scumming. That would defeat the whole purpose and it would no longer be a challenge. Saves are only permitted when you're turning off the game so you can continue playing later. It really wouldn't be as much fun to cheat now, would it?

So, those are the basic rules, and I set out on my journey! I'll be logging my journey in my blog as I travel through the game, highlighting the ups and downs and whether I'm eventually victorious or ultimately a complete failure. This should be fun!

I rolled a dice to select my starter Pokemon, and ended up with a Mudkip, who I named Skipper (it's general consensus to name all your caught Pokemon, for the sake of forming a stronger emotional tie to them). I had my first new friend! Since I didn't at this point have any poke balls, the rule for catching Pokemon wasn't yet enforced so I completed most of the opening tutorial until the game gave me some to use. Now I could set out to make some new companions for the first leg of my journey.

Travelling to routes 101, 102 and 103, I gathered up my first three travel buddies; a Poochyena named Steve, a Wurmple named Mr. Wiggle and a Wingull named Clive. With my party ready, we ventured out into the great beyond to see what adventures await us (or something equally over-dramatic)!

So there we have the opening of my Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge. I'm looking forward to continuing and updating this blog to my progress in the future. Until next time!
Welcome to my new blog, this will be kept separate but still related to the Seriously Smegzilla site linked up above, for things that don't relate to that, and for my general thoughts and ramblings if and when I should have them. If I have something to say that doesn't relate in any way to the topics on the main site, I'll post that here, as well as bits and pieces and updates pertaining to the running of the site (such as if I'm having a week off to go on holiday and the like).

With that said I'm going to let this sit here for a few hours to a day or so and then begin blogging my arse off for practically nobody to read! :-P I'll catch you guys later since I actually have to go to work and do my real day job now (boo!).